5 mars 2014


Here is the overload of pics from ACNE STUDIOS A/W 14 showroom in Paris. I had the chance to visit it on Sunday and i was amazed by all these pieces of art. Seriously i always loved Acne spirit, ... But this collection is even more incredible. There aren't one or two big pieces that really capture our attention, all the pieces are awesome and all the pieces make me dream. Materials, fabrics are perfectly chosen. The lovely Margaux who presented me the collection told me about the inspiration for this a/w show, the d.a Jonny was inspired by the winter surf in Sweden and he use it for the colors, the fabrics, the design, ... I couldn't choose my favorites that's why i put almost all the pics I took at the showroom. I hope you love the collection as much as I do. 

Voici une montagne de photos du showroom ACNE STUDIOS A/W 14 à Paris. J'ai eu la chance de découvrir la collection présentée au défilé dimanche. J'étais absolument émerveillée face à tous ces superbes vêtements, ce sont des chefs d'oeuvre. J'ai toujours beaucoup aimer l'esprit Acne, mais encore plus pour cette collection qui est incroyable. Il n'y a pas qu'une ou deux pièces fortes, toutes les pièces sont incroyables. Les matières, les tissus sont parfaitement choisis. Margaux, la fille qui m'a présenté la collection m'a aussi parlé de ce qui a inspiré Jonny le d.a. en fait il adore le '' winter surf '' en Suède et c'est ça qui l'a inspiré pour la majeure partie du défilé. Je ne pouvais pas choisir mes pièces préférées tellement je suis fan de tout!!! Voilà j'espère que vous aimez autant que moi ces pièces magnifiques. 

  My favorite pair of boots ! Woooow

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  1. oh wow, amazing!
    xoxo Sienna

  2. I share your love for Acne collection! They are amazing, love how stylish and cool their pieces but yet so wearable and warm. As I get older I love Acne more and more because their items are truly the ones that worth to invest in and wear to pieces on daily basis!

    OceanWind Blog

  3. Acne always makes such gorgeous pieces - I'd kill to own any one of these items!

    x greta

  4. Really loved your impressions. Thanks for posting it.
    ♡ I would be happy to have you as a visitor on hug-you.com ♡ Bisou, Sylvia

  5. thanks for sharing these pictures. so many nice looks and pieces

  6. wow so lovely and fashionable
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  7. beautiful pieces, very cool :)


  8. oh man i love acne pieces!

  9. ACNE STUDiOS ♡♡♡
    perfect pictures


  10. I LOVE this brand!

    It would be amazing if you have some time to check my blog and follow me if you want ?!


    Emily from Pretty Tiny Things


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