8 juil. 2014

Shopping on Bodeoo for all body sizes


Hi babes! What's up today? Well, don’t you absolutely hate it when you want to shop clothes online & all the websites use the typical tall, skinny, and size 0 models? I love online shopping but, I'd love to know how the clothes will fit on my body. When browsing the other day, I stumbled upon Bodeoo. (Remember I already told you about their Youtube) At Bodeoo, different size models from small to large are used to wear clothes so that customers can have a good grasp on how the pieces will fit on their body types. Bodeoo is the one-stop spot for trendy fashion pieces. From cute body suits to holo bags, they have all good stuff. Bodeoo makes sure that their clothes not only look good on the typical “model”, but on all women of all sizes. Just because you’re not wearing size negative, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to rock their clothes!

Salut! Vous allez bien? Que pensez-vous de tous ces sites en ligne où l'on achète nos vêtements en les ayant juste vus portés par des mannequins taille 0? J'adore le shopping en ligne, mais j'aimerais voir les vêtements plus souvent portés par des mannequins de différentes tailles, cela nous permettrait de nous faire une idée de ce que la robe magnifique qu'on veut acheter donnera une fois que nous on la portera! L'autre jour, j'ai découvert Bodeoo, (je vous ai déjà parlé de leur chaîne Youtube) Et ce qui m'a plu sur ce site, c'est que tous les vêtements sont portés par des mannequins de taille S, M et L. On peut donc se rendre compte de ce que ça donnerai sur notre type de morphologie! En plus ils ont de superbes vêtements, chaussures & accessoires. Donc même si vous ne faites pas une taille zéro, vous pourrez quand même porter ces jolies robes en vous sentant super bien.

Check out some of my fav pieces from Bodeoo that are modeled on different-sized models
Découvrez ces jolies robes portées par les mannequins de différentes tailles
the Out Zoned Body Con Dress:

the MAC Zip Neon Brights Dress:

From a size small to large, shoppers can see what the dress looks like on each size & that's pretty cool. You can simply click on the sizes to see the clothing pieces on different-sized models. For references, Bodeoo also has a size chart. You can also find some amazing shoes and awesome accessories  (see above!) Bodeoo also ships internationally. Here is a list of all the countries that Bodeoo ships to. International Shipping.

So what are you waiting for babes? Bodeoo has tons of new, stylish pieces that are just a click away (what about the cute watermelon clutch!!!! I love it)! Let's not spend that 30 minute driving to the mall and shop online with Bodeoo today & tell me what you choose!


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  1. Wow these are so gorgeous!! :) Love the dress especially :)

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  2. Très jolie sélection!
    Deltrey du blog deltreylicious

  3. LOVELY dresses.. perfect for all body types!!


  4. Love the silver skirt!


  5. Your selection is so chic, lovely clutch!

  6. Love silver skirt!

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  7. The shoes are breathtaking! Lovely selection!

  8. Love the high part on the hem line, and color! I look forward to your next post xo


  9. Super idée le site en ligne avec les mannequins toutes tailles.

  10. What a great idea! All the models looks gorgeous in these clothes which shows they are well designed and adapt to different bodyshapes. Love the watermelon bag shown too!


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