7 déc. 2016

Istanbul Part. 2

Hello babes! Finally sharing the second part of my trip to Istanbul. I've nothing to add, just look at these photos & I think you can feel the good atmosphere! 


Salut les choux! Voilà enfin la deuxième partie de mon voyage à Istanbul en Turquie. Je n'ai pas grand chose à ajouter parce que les photos parlent d'elles-mêmes! Je pense que vous pouvez sentir la bonne atmosphère qui y régnait! 

Bisous Bisous 
Galata Tower - Nice neighborhood but we didn't climb to the top of the tower because it was crowded ! I hope next time I will go! 

Tons of cats everywhere in this amazing city! 

Dolmabahçe Palace ! Beautiful place near the Bosphore. I was like a kiddo when I was into the Palace, it's huge & amazing in there! 

Je t'aime 

Sapphire Tower - Wow! Guys, this is the best thing I've ever done! This place is beautiful, you climb to the 54th floor to have this amazing view!!! 

Turkish hammami ! A must to do in Istanbul - We stayed there for almost 3 hours and paid only 25€

The Blue Mosquee - Wonderful place. And when the muezzin call for the prayer it is an very peaceful moment! I loved hearing it. 

Football stadium in Istanbul 

Sapphire tower 

Chicha - It was great to go in these little chicha places at night to drink some apple tea & smoke the chicha! The ones next our hotel (Raymond Hotel) were so welcoming! 

Yerebatan Sarnici - Citernes Basiliques! Amazing to see these beams under the ground! 

Amazing henna tattoo ! This girl was so talented! I miss this tattoo

Istanbul September 2016 

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  1. magnifique tes photos, la chance!!! Perso, j'ai eu l'occasion d'aller plusieurs fois en Turquie mais je n'ai jamais encore été à Istanbul, c'est dans ma "to do" j'espere en 2017 en tt cas.


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